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salty_tea's Journal

Venison Loev
26 May
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Because I'm silly and dramatic.

I'd probably add you if you commented. I would probably not add you if you were a rabid dog person, a teary goth poet, or a lame teenager like me (!).

I like cats, dinosaurs, and leeches.
I like narrow fingernails, lace, and real metal boning.
I dislike cockroaches, aliens, and tornadoes.

Femora fevar, kittens.
ahrt, ak47, aleka's attic, apt pupil, babes in toyland, baudelaires, bone structure, brujas, capelets, cat fat, cat love, ccf, charlie cong, cheetah.org, cheetahs, cheetahz, civil war, cold appendages, collar bells, communism, corsetry, corsets, crinolines, dagguereotypes, dame darcy, day of the dead, der bolshewik, deutschland, dirty girl, dogfight, doll making, electric hellfire club, fortune-telling, friend the girl, fruit, fuck art, fuck joaquin, german language, goats, grape children, gretel, grey cats, gummi vitamins, handicrafts, head bludgeon, heroshko and matsushita, hiding, hoop skirts, industrial revolution, jingle cats, kittens, kittens-are-adorable, kittens-were-adorable, kittens-will-be-adorable, knitting, krampus, kultur, lace, lemon pepper, lemons, lenin, leningrad, lurking, m16, mabel, mexico, milo and otis, miranda july, musik for cats, my own private idaho, nam, ninkipper michael knight, pearls, phalanges, primitive editing, purls, quilting, quilts, rasputina, richard ramirez, rio, river jude pheonix, rockrockchickenpox, russian blue, russian revolution, sad black berets :(, scruffy, seances, stalin, tarot, tenses-of-adorable-kittens, the bundle, the goat head kicker, the kinks, thighs to eat, trophies (eyes-ears-privateparts!), trotsky, uterus, vietnam, watching stuff, what., where's kate, wool, yarn, yellow walls